12 feet deep

You are Your Limitation

Do you get crippled by fear to explore more in what you know? We all face this obstacle in intervals. Self-limiting thoughts hinder the creative mind, and as humans, we learn better through tough times. I will share my experience with self-doubt.

I met three boys at the beach who all happened to be friends, they admire my body structure and asked for a swim. Although, my swimming skill wasn’t that good because I lack confidence around twelve feet. That moment when my legs feel far from the surface.

I loved how others float on the deeper ends of the sea regardless of weight, wishing to do the same but never had the guts. Finally, I took the courage to swim above twelve feet by leveraging the company of my new friends who all knew how to swim better than I did. But fear vanished and left me with comfort just after I decided to let go.

Now twelve feet might sound small for professionals, but that was my challenge. For you, it may be something else you are struggling to improve on because of fear of failure or criticism.

But how can you know better without giving a push? Failure only shows you what to avoid when approached with the right perspective. You become a blueprint for others in that area of specialty by knowing the pitfalls and wins.

A caution here, don’t jump into the sea without first learning to swim in the pool. My points are on building confidence to increase through consistent efforts for better results. Therefore, seek adventure for what they make of you in the future. Don’t avoid the negative, handle it to become a better version of yourself.

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